Catalan territories

About Catalan

Catalan is the language spoken in Catalonia, in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, but also in the southeast of France, near the Pyrenees, in the seaside part of the Valencian Country, touching the Mediterranean Sea, in the Balearic Islands and in the town of Alghero, in Sardinia.

Almost 10 M people speak Catalan, which has its own culture and tradition.

The capital of Catalonia is the city of Barcelona, known, among many other things, by Antoni Gaudi’s architectural style and by FCB soccer club, aka Barça.

Catalan courses

If you would like to have a better knowledge of the Catalan culture and language, we offer you a Catalan course which will carry you one of the most beautiful regions in Europe:

These courses may be customized to your needs.

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